There’s nothing like August in the Philippines.  Aside from Christmas and the Holy Week, it’s the only other month with the most number of holidays:  between 3-4, depending on what year it is and where you live. This year, Eidl Fitr is on August 20, Monday, and normally, August 19 is a holiday for everyone […]

Sometime in the early 2000s, American pastry chef, and writer, David Lebovitz, decided to leave his life  in San Francisco behind, to  live in the city many of us (me, at least) dream of – Paris. In his light, and funny book, The Sweet Life in Paris, David shares his misunderstandings and (mis)adventures as an American trying to […]

“Skippy and Ruprecht are having a doughnut-eating race one evening when Skippy turns purple and falls off his chair.” Yes, Skippy dies.  No, that’s not a spoiler.  As the opening lines and title of the novel imply, Skippy’s death  is (one of ) the main plots of the book. A huge novel like Skippy Dies is hard […]

Two more episodes before the end of Dexter, season 6.  Dexter is, for me, one of the best shows on cable, but season 6 has been pretty disappointing so far. After the past few seasons, which focused mainly on Dexter’s family and personal life, season 6 promised to bring back the old Dexter we all […]

  Despite all the beautiful art, amazing architecture, and historical ruins we saw during our 3 weeks in Europe, for me, one of the highlights of the trip was a visit to the legendary Shakespeare and Company, an English bookstore in the heart of Paris. Unfortunately, this Shakespeare and Company is not the original Shakespeare and Company of […]

During our recent vacation to Paris and Rome, we noticed these quirky traffic signs. We first noticed it while walking around Montmarte in Paris. A man stealing a “No Entry” sign. We thought it was one of a kind, until we started noticing other signs with different designs in different neighborhoods around Paris. Vitruvian Man […]

Just returned from an interesting short trip to Macau, one of the Special Administrative Regions of China. It’s unique mix of Chinese and European traditions make Macau a city like no other.  A peninsula of Mainland China, colonized by the Portuguese in the 15oo’s, Macau is a city which definitely has character. With the city’s cobblestone-paved, narrow streets, […]