Goodbye Manila…Hello, 50% Chance of Precipitation

There’s nothing like August in the Philippines.  Aside from Christmas and the Holy Week, it’s the only other month with the most number of holidays:  between 3-4, depending on what year it is and where you live.

This year, Eidl Fitr is on August 20, Monday, and normally, August 19 is a holiday for everyone living in Quezon City (Quezon City Day).  Unfortunately, this year, it’s on a Sunday.

But don’t fret, there is still a 4-day weekend from August 17-22 (Eidl Fitr – Aug. 20 and Ninoy Aquino Day – Aug. 21), and a 3-day weekend the week after, from August 25 to August 27 (National Heroes Day).

This year, to celebrate the first long weekend of August, we decided to go on a road trip to Northern Luzon; Ilocos-Cagayan Valley, to be exact.

The plan is to head up to Ilocos Norte with a final destination of Pagudpud, on Saturday, Aug. 18, and stay there til Monday, the 20th.  On Monday, we’ll be heading down to Tugegarao City, and by Tuesday, making our way back to Manila via Cagayan Valley and the Pan-Philippine Highway.

The 5-day weather forecast for Pagudpud is 40%-50% chance of precipitation and thunderstorms.  Normally I wouldn’t be too happy with that, but considering that typhoon Helen just left the area yesterday, and the heavy monsoon rains we experienced from Aug. 6-8, 50% chance of precipitation is actually most welcome!

15 hours before driving out North…Excited to stuff our faces with longanisa, empanada, and pancit, and hoping for sunnier weather!


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