Signs of the Times

During our recent vacation to Paris and Rome, we noticed these quirky traffic signs.

We first noticed it while walking around Montmarte in Paris.

A man stealing a “No Entry” sign.

We thought it was one of a kind, until we started noticing other signs with different designs in different neighborhoods around Paris.

Vitruvian Man in a “Tow-Away” Zone sign.

When we went to Rome, we saw the signs again, with even more designs to match the neighborhoods they were in.

Christ nailed to the cross on a major bus route to the Vatican in Rome.

An angel stealing a “No Entry” sign near the Vatican, in Rome.

We don’t know if the traffic sign art – if you can call it that – is done by one person or by a group of people, or if it is authorized by the government or not.  We just like them because they add a little humor to what would otherwise be ordinary (and quite boring) traffic signs.




  1. THE ONE TRUE HEIR OF SLYTHERIN but not really XD · · Reply

    This is cool! There’s stuff sorta like that where I live, but it’s not nearly as clever and thought-out.

    1. Yup! Those signs are cool! I wish we had them where I live.

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