Disappointing Dexter

Two more episodes before the end of Dexter, season 6.  Dexter is, for me, one of the best shows on cable, but season 6 has been pretty disappointing so far.

After the past few seasons, which focused mainly on Dexter’s family and personal life, season 6 promised to bring back the old Dexter we all knew and loved, before they tried to turn him into a family man.

Season 6 has got all the elements of a good season – religious fanatic antagonists in the form of Professor Gellar (Edward James Olmos), and Travis Marshall (Colin Hanks), creepy, brutal murders, and a host of equally creepy extras, in the form of Masuka’s forensic interns. Yet, somehow, it falls short of what I have come to expect from the show.

The main theme of season 6 is faith and religion.  Two religious scholars are trying to bring about the Apocalypse by killing innocent people to stage events from the Book of Revelations.  Meanwhile, Dexter, with the help of Brother Sam (Mos Def), is learning a thing or two about faith, forgiveness, and redemption.

Side stories include dirty politics inside the Miami Police Department, Quinn’s inability to deal with his breakup with Deb, Angel’s mid-life crisis,  Masuka’s interns with ulterior motives, and Deb’s promotion, therapy, and, I’m guessing (from the trailers of the next 2 episodes), subconscious desires (god forbid I’m right!).

Despite all the drama and gruesome murders, the past 10 episodes have been pretty boring.  It didn’t help that there was even a filler-like episode where Dexter, with the help of his brother, the Ice Truck Killer, goes to Kansas to confront the son of the Trinity Killer!  Add to that the fact that this season, Dexter isn’t the one doing most of the killings.

I hope these sub-par episodes don’t mean the end of Michael C. Hall’s career as Miami’s friendly neighborhood serial killer.

Photo from:  http://quove.com/dexter-season-6/


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