Destination: Macau

We’re going to Macau this July!

I don’t know much about Macau except that it’s one of China’s Special Administrative Regions, which means that it has its own immigration laws, among other things.  That means that unlike Mainland China, citizens of most countries don’t need to apply for a special tourist visa to visit Macau.

Macau has three main areas:  Macau peninsula where the cultural city center is located; Taipa Island and Coloane Island, now joined by a manmade strip of land called Cotai.  Cotai is where a lot of the big-named hotels and casinos are being built (or are already built). 

Another thing I know about Macau is that it was once a colony of Porgutal, so Portugese is one of the official lanuages spoken there, or at least used by the government. 

A Chinese city with distinct Western influences.

Somehhow I can’t resist visitng a Chinese city shaped by strong European influences.  That would make for one very interesting city tour.

I’ve been doing some initial research (I know, it’s only May, but I’m excited!) and so far this is what I have:

Things To Do In Macau:

1.  Walk around the historic city center, which also happens to be a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

2.  Bungee jump off the Macau Tower, the hightest bungee jump in the world.

3.  Casinos, baby!

4.  Eat lots of Portugese food, Chinese (Cantonese) food, including dim sum, and authentic Macanese dishes.  I am also looking forward to trying their egg tarts as well, as it’s one of the things Macau is famous for. for the gods....

5.  Try to catch all the free hotel lobby laser-light-water shows.  Hey, you’re there and it’s free, so you might as well enjoy yourself!

And of course take lots and lots of pictures – but that goes without saying.

Of course, we’re open to  suggestions of other things to do in Macau.  July is still a few months away so there’s still a lot of time to make lists of exciting things to see and do.


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